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The Night Stephen King Spoke in Washington, DC

Last Wednesday evening, I attended a 90-minute talk by Stephen King at George Washington University in Washington, DC. It was an amazing opportunity–exactly the kind of opportunity I had been waiting for ever since I picked up my first Stephen … Continue reading

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Does a Horror Author Have to Sell His Soul to Prosper? (Guest Post: A.R. Braun)

Several months ago, I connected with horror writer, blogger and social media maven A.R. Braun.  His bio and a link to his collection of short stories follows this very insightful post about whether horror authors have to sell their souls to … Continue reading

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Oculus Reinvents Family Dynamics in Horror Cinema

Oculus was released last weekend, starring Karen Gillan as Kaylie Russell and Brenton Thwaites as her younger brother Tim, who was recently released from a mental institution following the deaths of their parents ten years ago. Both are in their … Continue reading

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3 Reasons We Need More Stories Like The Conjuring

Last summer, I needed a day off from work. I had exhibited at too many trade shows in only a short time and had written too many business proposals. A talented member of my staff had resigned and I had … Continue reading

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