About Me

About Me

Thanks for visiting The Write Place. Read below to learn more about my fiction and blogging services for collaborative divorce attorneys.

This website was originally intended to help promote my fiction and, in particular, a novel I wrote called Billy Maddox Takes His Shot. Billy Maddox is the coming-of-age story of a young Border Patrol from southern Arizona who must overcome anger management issues connected to memories of his brother’s death if he is going to save his crumbling marriage.

Over time, however, The Write Place has also come to represent my broader interest in storytelling as a force for good. As a lifelong reader, I am convinced that “painting a picture with words” is a great way to share some new perspective with others.

Fiction has always deepened readers’ consideration of others. Readers tend to recognize a depth of thought and feeling in others by stepping into other characters’ shoes, and end up appreciating the chance to learn about others’ experiences.

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Collaborative Law: The Business of The Write Place

The business side of The Write Place concentrates on supporting the marketing efforts of collaborative law attorneys. I have nearly 10 years of professional services marketing experience (along with other marketing and public relations experiences) and went through the collaborative process when my wife and I separated in early 2014.

Popular notions of separation and divorce in American culture tend to sketch two spouses battling each other in highly charged, litigious affairs. It is usually a win-lose battle, with one spouse often holding the back of goodies (including custody of the kids) at the end of a long, expensive and damaging process. Whatever shreds of goodwill existed between the two are often destroyed, which could negatively affect children involved in the separation.

Because collaborative divorce is not well recognized, and because it relies on both spouses to guide the terms of the separation (rather than courts and decision-makers such as judges who don’t understand each family’s dynamics), it retains the dignity and respect of the participants, and is less likely to leave any family member feeling devastated or cheated. The future, as a result, is also less likely charged with resentment or bitterness.

What does storytelling look like as it concerns the collaborative divorce process? Read more about blogging services available to collaborative attorneys as well as how these services can improve the visibility of those attorneys in their communities.

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