The Writing Life: Introducing Billy Maddox Takes His Shot

The Writing Life - the international border fence in Nogales, Arizona

Billy Maddox Takes His Shot tells the story about a U.S. Border Patrol agent in southern Arizona. The author took this photo of the international border fence in Nogales, Arizona.

I haven’t provided many posts lately (other than a review of Catching Fire), because I’ve been hard at work building out a blog page dedicated to the writing life and my experience writing my novel, Billy Maddox Takes His Shot. As I mention in the About Me page, one of the purposes of this blog is to highlight the intersection between writing and life. Many people want to write novels; some will start writing one; few will finish.

The Billy Maddox Takes His Shot page explores my personal experiences writing this story about a U.S. Border Patrol agent in southern Arizona. Throughout the page are “Read:” pointers with references to other blog posts, which have either already been published on The Write Place, or which have yet to be written. All relate to the writing life.

The Writing Life – How Does One Live It?

Looking long term, I can easily see myself turning the language on this page and the related posts into an e-book that can offer writers or aspiring writers who are trying to figure out how to integrate authoring a novel into their lives, a way forward into the writing life. Many of us have minds that stray to the realm of imagination; it is human nature. Writing presents a channel for those who possess outlying thoughts and feelings but have no ready means of expressing them.

It is both easy and difficult to write. Easy, in that all you need to do is sit down in front of a computer or a notebook and start imagining away. Difficult, in that the very act would seem an aberration from society that shoves individual expression right in people’s faces, that rips conformity to shreds and deviates from all that is known, pleasant and acceptable. Writing a novel takes the kind of long-term commitment that can change a personality, unbalance a life and isolate a soul. It’s ain’t always pretty.

Writers don’t have an easy time of it. Writing about Billy Maddox Takes His Shot isn’t just intended to be about my story penning a novel; it’s also meant to provide writers the chance to see that life goes on during the writing process, and that you can succeed in your writing project while it does so.

The Writing Life – Reader Takeaways from this Blog

Finally, and I haven’t done this before, but I would like to put in a plug for this blog. I’m looking for subscribers. If you know anyone who likes reading artistic or literary blogs online or someone who might want to read posts about the writing life that I am sharing, please send them to I just moved the subscribe options toward the top of the right column to make it easier for people to sign up. There is both an RSS and an email option.

In the meantime, here again is the page about Billy Maddox Takes His Shot. Please comment on this post if you have feedback or follow me on my social networks. See y’all online again soon.

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I am a writer of literary and horror fiction pursuing literary representation for my novel, Billy Maddox Takes His Shot, and a proud husband and father. To contact me, fill out the form in the right column and click submit.
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